Sunday, June 11, 2023

Erik Haddad Music in more shows on Discovery, A&E, Bravo, History, TLC

Some recent new Erik Haddad Music credits include: The Real Housewives Of Dubai (Bravo), Dr. Mercy (TLC), Love Off The Grid (Discovery), Love in Paradise: The Caribbean (TLC), Kings Of Pain (History), Interrogation Raw (A&E), The Culpo Sisters (TLC), Alaska: The Last Frontier (Discovery), Calls From The Inside (ID), Modern Marvels (History), Origins Of Hip Hop (A&E), The Booze, Bets, And Sex That Built America (History), Celebrity Beef (E!), Hunting Atlantis (Discovery), Accident, Suicide, Or Murder (Oxygen), Inmate To Roommate (A&E), Murder Under The Friday Night Lights (ID), Panic 9-1-1 (A&E) and more!

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